I woke up this morning feeling atrocious. My eyes opened too early, legs in pain, I slept on my neck wrong, and could barely pick my head up from my pillow from a restless sleep. On mornings like this, I pick up my phone and open the mobile game “Tap Tap Fish – AbyssRium” on my phone. This app is perfect for easing me into consciousness what with its soft music and array of colors, easy game mechanics and friendly messages. What’s funny is that it also helped quiet my brain last night to go to sleep. These effects aren’t exclusive to this game – oh, not at all – but it is a wonderful addition to the meditative casual game niche.

To give an overview, the point of the game is to grow your Lonely Corallite and give it lots of fish friends. It starts off with, lo-and-behold, tapping the Corallite to get vitality which is the in-game currency. Once enough has been saved up you can start adding coral and fish! The tutorial is intuitive and easy to understand just as the game is. One of the main mechanics with the game is patience. The developers are called IDLE Idea Factory and Lonely Corallite will repeat the name over the course of your playtime, implying that a mechanic of Tap Tap Fish is being away from the game. That’s when you can build up much of your vitality! Most of my playing time has been tapping the event candies which are used for the special Valentine’s fish (these cannot be gained over time outside of the game).

The charm of the game is its atmosphere. Even in the basic theme, there are a variety of colors that are pleasing to the eye. As you grow the different corals and birth new fish, the range of colors you can explore is massive. It does take a while to progress, but as mentioned before, that’s where the idle game mechanic comes in. Once you’ve returned you’ll have plenty of tasks at hand. Also, it’s not pay to win! You can use Gems for a lot of things, but they’ve made it quite easy to save them up over the course of the game so never fear. The only thing you really miss out on are fish you can only get with the Gem packs. Other than that the world is your oyster.

This game helped me cope with my symptoms and this morning in general. Everything is so soothing about the game, and the tap, tap, tapping eases tension like jumping your knee up and down. It brings up the point that games can be used therapeutically, and I certainly do play many games because it helps me cope with my own illnesses. Tap Tap Fish specifically encourages you to balance your Corallite, coral, and fish, and that is a lesson that can be transferred to the real world. Overall, “Tap Tap Fish – AbyssRium” is a game I’ve enjoyed and encourage others to try out as well.