She doubts everything everyone says. She doesn’t even take the words in with a grain of salt.

“Everything is a lie,” she says, “even reality.”

How could we ever prove her wrong? If the world were simply a construct of our minds, anything we say wouldn’t matter.

“You may say that, but how can you know for sure?”

Her family worried about her, then grew more and more concerned, but enough was enough when she started to shove her views down their throats.

They tell her to calm down.

“Why should I try to calm down for your sakes if you don’t even exist?!” She screams.

Winter time was terrible that year. She was never able to hold a job and her parents had kicked her out. Said she needed to get some control over herself. Said she didn’t deserve their kindness anymore.

It was fine though. She doubted the snow was even touching her skin and the cold was turning her blue.

Even as she fell when she couldn’t move her body anymore, she wasn’t unhappy with the outcome of everything. It was never even real in the first place.

via Daily Prompt: Doubt