Between watching art challenge videos to Markiplier’s vlogs, there’s always a way for me to get back on my feet.

I’m not sure if this is an odd thing. I know for that for many people in the YouTube community feel this way, though. Today’s thought bubble of mine is both a very recent story and an old tale I’m still reading (but that one will be saved for another day).

It’s starts with a day of doing homework.

I’m a first-time college student. Just recently, I started the required College Success Skills (SDV100) course and the workload required is more than what was expected and should be. It’s an online course, so perhaps I can opt out of the ridiculous amount of reading I tried to do for the past two days.

That’s a smart idea considering how much weight it put on my shoulders and made me feel the way I did today.

Yesterday, I spent three hours on this week’s worksheet. Three hours on a one credit class. I’m chronically ill and every hour in a day must be managed properly. The stress level from the reading, though, pushed me too far. What we’re supposed to read this week is 50 pages of a free online textbook.

I’m not even done with the work I have to do for this class. I still need to do my work for Intro to Communications, too! At least the professor for that class has a reasonable understanding on how to schedule our curriculum. The most time I ever need to spend on it is four hour. Perfectly acceptable because it’s a two credit ‘hybrid’ course.

So, yes. I am quite peeved about the assignment schedule for SDV100. At least I got the hardest part of this week’s load done.

“stress” by bottled_void, Flickr CC-BY 2.0 

Today, and the heart of the matter.

I’m trading study time with health time. I tried to work on a personal project, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do any of them. Feeling drained, exhausted, depressed on this dark rainy day saps the life out of me. I need to work on my volunteer tasks for Ganga Library, still.

So, there I am, wallowing in my self-pity and irritation ditch until I finally find a source of energy.

I just jumped to YouTube and watched Markiplier’s vlog titled, “I Feel Lost”, and now here I am. I’m writing! Typing! Doing something! I still feel depressed, but the malaise has dissipated just enough for me to do what I can as far as my volunteer work goes. Plus, writing blog posts help me reach my goals and find more motivation in myself.

Ironically, or coincidentally, that is this week’s SDV100 subject matter. I’d have a sarcastic hark if I had the energy.

A short post, but important nonetheless.

Seriously. It really is important me to write this post. Writing words and thoughts with the end goal of posting for the public to see is part of my path to being a better writer. Every personal project, goal, action, or whatever, has a purpose.

For fun.

For de-stressing.

For the future.

For self-improvement.

For inspiration!

Even the videos I watch have some sort of meaning to me. The content I consume, such as Markiplier videos, give me inspiration! I have dealt with my chronic illnesses long enough to know how to accommodate them and still do something with this illogical life. My purpose is to not just survive, but to thrive. Days like these prove that I am committed to doing so.

A little side note; the sky is a bright gray. It has stopped raining.

Untitled by steve p2008 – Flickr, CC-BY 2.0