Digital painting process of the Earth’s horizon

Clouds are like mountain ranges texturing the Earth’s atmosphere. Our planet looks so, so blue from space, but ignorance in observation hides true beauty.

I considered calling this piece “Raleigh Rays”, but I like the simplicity of “Why the Sky is Blue” more.

This was made for an illustration project I’ve been given called “Dissimilarities and Similarities”, an Alfred Nobel presentation by Dr. Nagaveni and Ganga Library. The text that this is meant to accompany is about metaphysics and the painting was prompted by an image of the horizon with the message, “ALMIGHTY GOD vs. The Big Bang Theory” written on it.

I knew before I even started that I wanted to use the acrylic brush set in Paint 2015. Acrylics just have this colorful nature to them, whether digital or traditional. I have yet to be able to create a masterpiece traditional painting, so I’m very thankful I have some grip on digital painting!

My first step was to find some references. I made a Pinterest board just for Earth because of this, and I have a newfound appreciation for how lovely our planet is.


Metaphysics DS - Horizon Sketches

As you may tell, that last sketch is the composition I settled on!

Now, don’t worry; just because it’s dated for 4/29 doesn’t mean I spent every waking hour for a week to create this… I got sick in the middle of the project instead. I’m undergoing treatment, and being dragged away from something I was feeling real good about was awful. Things are better now. I still feel gross, but I have some control over my muscles again – something that’s been impeding me for over a month!

Once I felt good enough to do something, I developed the colors I wanted to use and the overall composition on another sketch page:

Palette - Metaphysics DS

The final piece

The initial size of my canvas is A4 (landscape) at 300 ppi. I painted the background black and make a new layer for a basic sketch. After that, I make a layer for each color and object as I work.

Water, then clouds.

Sun, then orange touches.


And… Almost done! At this point, I look at my work, nod to myself then export it and do some basic edits and voila – the final product!


Why the Sky is Blue
Earth horizon painting for Ganga Library!

I’m pretty happy with how it came out. There are some things that I want to improve on, of course, but this piece is definitely finished. I’m planning on recording future art processes for speed paints and possibly do voice overs with them!

Ah, our planet is beautiful.