Kelsey's Thought Bubble

A healthy dose of discovery and creativity.


Hi, my name is Kelsey and welcome to my blog! Here you’ll find a place where I post projects that have struck my fancy. This includes essays about science, art of all sorts, writing, books I’ve read, things I’ve done and thoughts I have (hence: “Thought Bubble”). I’m a college student, writer, and artist who is passionate about researching and creating. There are just so many questions to be answered in our world and I’m motivated to find the answers! I make my own answers if I have to.

My creative career started when I was a young girl drawing dinosaurs from the many books I had about them. From there I continued to learn from books and life. Reptiles, fish, horses, dragons, it didn’t matter what I was drawing because I knew that no matter what, I could learn to how. My imagination was fluid, and gave my subjects stories, ideas, personalities… The art I create still retains that narrative quality. The colors I use, the creatures and people I draw; everything holds a piece of my life story. My writing is personal. It revolves around my thoughts and reactions to the world around me,  and gives my work my unique point of view.

I work as a volunteer visual artist at Ganga Library Inc and it’s been an incredible experience. I’ve been creating work that I would have never done otherwise. The work I produce for Dr. Nagaveni has been expanding my knowledge about digital art and image manipulation, namely with Corel Painter and GIMP. My art has a purpose because of this opportunity I snatched up, and has been a driving motivation to spend more time improving my work. The art I publicly post from my volunteer occupation carries not only the message I’ve been tasked to represent, but a unique message of my own.

I’m passionate about reptiles and amphibians, as well as other studies within life sciences. The love I have for herpetology stems from my childhood when I was catching garter snakes in my yard and then having a buddy who had the same interest as I did. We would go stream monitoring and reptile surveys and talk about our own herps. Occasionally, we would go to reptile expos and those trips were amazing.

Due to my chronic illnesses, I’m personally involved in the medical world. I’m beginning to connect with for people like me. My first work submitted for publication was for an anthology of by “chronic illness warriors”; just goes to show my confidence about what I know. My life experiences have sparked an interest in microbiology and psychology, two fascinating subjects. I’ve seen the inner workings of the invisible illness culture, from how debilitating they are, how awful spoonies are treated in the school systems and medical systems, the financial burdens… After seven and a half years of dealing with it, yeah, it’s no wonder I’ve gained an understanding of the things people like me have to go through.

I’m still not entirely sure what this blog will become, or if it will even narrow down to a certain niche in the first place. I’m young. I’ve got options. I want to explore everything I can, although my physical capabilities are limited. Something I can guarantee you to look forward to is book reviews. As I’m finally able to read again because of my lovely doctor and the aftereffects of a past treatment, I can finally chase my love for stories once again! And with reading comes more writing plus inspiration to create more art. The ability to finally be able to do things makes my heart pump with vigor and my nerves tingling with electricity.

After so long, I’m ready to face the world and connect with society once again.